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Tried your hand at edible painting but struggling to get them looking just right? Fret not! This course was crafted to take you through the complete A-Z of how to create gorgeous, hand-painted cookies. From mixing the perfect dough, rolling and baking, to gorgeous painted finishes, you’ll learn all my tips & tricks to create dazzling Insta-worthy edible creations. This Online Course covers 4 different Painted Cookie Techniques: Handstamping, Watercolours, Abstract Watercolours and Graffiti “Acrylics”; all of which can be applied across a multitude of edible confections such as cupcakes, cakes, cake pops and so much more! You’ll even learn how to work with various mediums such as gels, edible paints, metallics and edible leaf. If there was one online course you’d want to add to your toolkit, it’s this one!

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Part 1
Great cookies start with great cookie doughs! In this module, you’ll learn how to mix Amanda’s tried & tested, client-approved Cookie Recipe from scratch – which doesn’t spread in the oven and bakes to a delectable, buttery sugar cookie. You’ll also learn step-by-step how to properly roll and cut out your dough with some neat tips & tricks.

Part 2 
In this module, Amanda will show you how to stamp your cookies with different tools to create beautiful handstamped cookies. She’ll also show you single-tone and two-tone watercolour techniques which includes her secret “blending” methods for achieving an ethereal, artful watercolour effect. This module also includes edible leaf application to finish off your cookies with bling and pizzazz.

Part 3 
It’s time to take things up a notch in this Abstract Watercolour module. In this section, Amanda will show you how to layer colours with various brushstrokes, tools and techniques to create a rich, complex pattern, regardless of your artistic abilities. Even if you’ve never picked up paintbrush before, this module will get you painting incredible abstract creations in no time!

Part 4 
Love bold colours & patterns? Here at Sugar Sugar Cake School, we sure do too! In this section, Amanda will break down complex designs & patterns into simple steps that are easy to follow, enabling you to have the knowledge to create your own colourful treats. Techniques on “acrylic” styled-finishes, brushstrokes & colour layering will also be taught in this fun, delectable module.


  • Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee is a multi-award winning cake decorator and instructor based in Adelaide, Australia. Evolving from a classical French patisserie background, she established Sugar Sugar Cakes as a means of exploring her passion for the arts through cake. Her signature style features avant-garde elements finished with a contemporary edge; best known for her painted cakes, modern wedding cakes & sculpted works. She has had the pleasure of being featured in Cake Masters, Brides of Adelaide Magazine, Cake! Magazine as well as numerous blogs and websites. Empowering cake decorators with contemporary cake skills and business knowledge is the main vision of Sugar Sugar Cakes, and Amanda sees this through by providing weekly Blog posts, live classes, online tutorials, private classes & mentorship to the vast cake community.

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  • Painted Cookies

    Robyn Foster

    I will use this technique for painting the hanging cake

    I will use this technique for painting the hanging cake

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  • Interesting

    Marisa LoBosco

    looking forward to giving this a go

    looking forward to giving this a go

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