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Magical, ethereal... delve into the wonderful world of Gelatine Sails & Decorations! 

From wavy sails, to shiny curls, Amanda will walk you through 7 different lessons teaching you how to create a myriad of beautiful cake decorations out of Gelatine. These include twists, cutouts, sails, twists, fans & folds and you'll learn all about applying them onto buttercream, fondant and chocolate. Get your hands on Amanda's never-before-shared Gelatine Sail recipe and learn the ropes on how to fashion these durable, versatile and spectacular cake toppers!

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Part 1 - Signature Wavy Gelatine Sails
This first lesson shows you the step-by-step method and Recipe of creating Amanda's signature wavy Gelatine Sails. You'll also learn how to work with various mediums to add sparkle to your Gelatine Sails. 

Part 2 - Attaching onto Fondant
In this next lesson, Amanda will walk you through the method of securely attaching your gelatine toppers onto a Fondant Cake along with crafting beautiful gold embellishments to finish off your masterpiece.

Part 3 - Colourful Gelatine Folds
In this chapter, you will learn how to create a variety of other Gelatine decorations such as Fans, Twists and Folds. This chapter also includes how to Colour your gelatine decorations using various mediums. 

Part 4 - Attaching onto Buttercream
This next section will take you through the steps to attaching your gelatine decorations onto a Buttercream cake. Amanda will show you how to fashion a stunning Cascade arrangement using the gelatine decorations to create a mesmerising cake design. 

Part 5 - Gelatine Curls
In this section, you'll learn how to create yet another style of Gelatine Decorations.. fun & quirky Gelatine Curls. Amanda will show you how to arrange them on a cake together with Gelatine Sails to create a visually impactful "Cluster" design. 

Part 6 - Gelatine Cutouts
In this final lesson, you'll be shown how to craft Gelatine Cutouts and use them to decorate ultra-trendy Cake Popsicles coated in candy melts with some added bling and pizzazz. 


  • Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee

    Amanda Lee is a multi-award winning cake decorator and instructor based in Adelaide, Australia. Evolving from a classical French patisserie background, she established Sugar Sugar Cakes as a means of exploring her passion for the arts through cake. Her signature style features avant-garde elements finished with a contemporary edge; best known for her painted cakes, modern wedding cakes & sculpted works. She has had the pleasure of being featured in Cake Masters, Brides of Adelaide Magazine, Cake! Magazine as well as numerous blogs and websites. Empowering cake decorators with contemporary cake skills and business knowledge is the main vision of Sugar Sugar Cakes, and Amanda sees this through by providing weekly Blog posts, live classes, online tutorials, private classes & mentorship to the vast cake community.