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Wouldn’t it be awesome if your guests came for a party, were stunned by a beautiful canvas hanging on the wall, only to realise…it’s cake?!

Well, that’s all now possible folks..  Allow me to introduce you to my newest online decorating Course, the ‘Hanging Cake Canvas Tutorial’! Yes you guys, it’s REAL CAKE, suspended on a wall, decorated in edible mediums, totally customisable to various design styles.

With this tutorial you’ll be able to make a Personalised Picture Frame, an Abstract Painting, A Signable Autograph canvas or a Buttercream finish canvas. The possibilities are simply endless!

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Part 1 -
This first lesson shows you the step-by-step method of building the “gravity-defying” cake structure for making a hanging canvas cake. You’ll learn how to build the structure from easily accessible tools and materials which will later be filled and stacked with real cake!

Part 2 -
You’ll then learn how to make your entire “gravity-defying” structure food-safe so that your cake and filling can be safely applied to the structure.

Part 3 - 
In this lesson, Amanda will show you the method to stacking and filling your cake in the hanging structure so that it is secure and stable. Recipes to the cake and ganache filling are will be provided. You will then learn how to mask this large, wide square cake entirely with ganache, complete with a smooth finish and sharp edges.

Part 4 - 
This next section will take you through the steps to covering your entire cake with a smooth fondant layer and yes, how to achieve sharp edges on this square canvas cake is also included!

Part 5 - 
In this final lesson Amanda will take you through three design options for this Hanging Canvas cake structure. You will observe how to create an abstract painted design, an “autographed” canvas and finally, a personalised gold-framed plaque.


Director & Cake Artist

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a multi-award winning cake decorator and instructor based in Adelaide, Australia. Evolving from a classical French patisserie background, she established Sugar Sugar Cakes as a means of exploring her passion for the arts through cake. Her signature style features avant-garde elements finished with a contemporary edge; best known for her painted cakes, modern wedding cakes & sculpted works. She has had the pleasure of being featured in Cake Masters, Brides of Adelaide Magazine, Cake! Magazine as well as numerous blogs and websites. Empowering cake decorators with contemporary cake skills and business knowledge is the main vision of Sugar Sugar Cakes, and Amanda sees this through by providing weekly Blog posts, live classes, online tutorials, private classes & mentorship to the vast cake community.

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5 star rating

La Parisianne hanging in the UAE

Robyn Foster

Very informative online course demonstrations. I am practicing how to create Arabic designs and calligraphy for a presentation, once I have perfected the t...

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Very informative online course demonstrations. I am practicing how to create Arabic designs and calligraphy for a presentation, once I have perfected the technique I will upload it to FB and IG.

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