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Have you been wanting to upskill in Structural & Gravity Defying cake techniques? Or have you ever wanted to know how to ganache & cover Sphere cakes easily without using expensive cake tools? 

Well, this double scoop Standing Ice-Cream cake has it all! In this step-by-step detailed course, Amanda will teach you how to build a versatile gravity-defying cake structure that can be applied to various designs with just a few simple materials. You'll also learn how to bake, fill & ganache round ball cakes in a flash with a super TOP SECRET technique! 

With this class in your repertoire, say goodbye to hours n hours of frustration and endless reshaping... Instead, say hello to perfect, easy-to-achieve sphere cakes! 

Not only that, but in this course you'll also learn how to Carve & Cover odd-shaped cakes with fondant, as well as create a realistic waffle cone (gradient) effect without needing an airbrush. 

You'll also get the lowdown on how to create a fun pinwheel board design and tips to making your own supersized edible sprinkles & twist confetti - the perfect finishing touch to any celebration cake! 

In summary, this class in CHOC-A-BLOC with incredible techniques; and the best part is, once you enrol - you have lifetime access to watch it anytime, anywhere! So what are you waiting for? Time to get in on the scoop and learn to make this adorable gravity-defying Standing Ice Cream Cake!

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Part 1 -Baking Sphere Cakes
Learn how to grease & prepare your sphere cake tins properly so your sphere cakes dont get stuck! Get tips for baking flawless sphere cakes every time.

Part 2 -Building the Support Structure
Learn how to build a versatile gravity-defying cake structure with some basic tools & materials. Amanda will show you step-by-step how to put this entire support structure together from start to finish - a complete look behind the magic of this gravity-defying structure!

Part 3 - Stacking, Carving & Ganaching
Learn how to fill, carve & ganache a cone shaped cake using a template. This section will also include techniques on how to ganache sphere cakes easily and quickly with a top-secret, foolproof method.

Part 4 - Covering & Decorating the Cone
Learn how to cover the cone cake using a special wrap method which will allow you to adhere your fondant confidently onto a variety of odd-shaped cakes. Youll also learn how to create a realistic waffle cone effect using just a few simple tools & colours.

Part 5 - Making Decorations & Covering the Board
Amanda will show you how to create a fun two-tone pin wheel design on your cake board in this section of the course. Youll also be shown how to shape a large fondant cherry, fondant cigars, oversized sprinkles & colourful twist confetti.

Part 6 - Covering the Spheres with Fondant & Stacking
In this section, Amanda will show you how to cover a ball-shaped cake in fondant with minimal seams whilst avoiding creases, bulges & over-gathering. This section will also include the final stacking process of all the individual cakes to create a towering, double-scoop ice cream cake.

Part 7 - Finishing Touches
Create cute facial features to give your cake character, and learn how to adhere all your decorative elements to the cake and bring this ice cream centrepiece to life!

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5 star rating


huda kooheji

I have taken a lot of cake courses over the years, paid and free classes; this is one of the best classes ever! Amanda explains everything in so much details...

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I have taken a lot of cake courses over the years, paid and free classes; this is one of the best classes ever! Amanda explains everything in so much details; you cannot get a single thing wrong! I am so glad i got this great membership it is worth every penny!

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5 star rating


Jacqueline Ríos

Love oh My God

Love oh My God

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5 star rating


chandra kantha



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Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a multi-award winning cake decorator and instructor based in Adelaide, Australia. Evolving from a classical French patisserie background, she established Sugar Sugar Cakes as a means of exploring her passion for the arts through cake. Her signature style features avant-garde elements finished with a contemporary edge; best known for her painted cakes, modern wedding cakes & sculpted works. She has had the pleasure of being featured in Cake Masters, Brides of Adelaide Magazine, Cake! Magazine as well as numerous blogs and websites. Empowering cake decorators with contemporary cake skills and business knowledge is the main vision of Sugar Sugar Cakes, and Amanda sees this through by providing weekly Blog posts, live classes, online tutorials, private classes & mentorship to the vast cake community.