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The Cake Insider Academy is a premium monthly membership providing modern and contemporary Cake Decorating Courses and the latest Social Media Marketing support to passionate cake makers who want to break out of the cycle of obscurity and make their cake career dreams a reality.

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Edible Lace Textures and Mediums

So you enjoy caking.. but are now wondering, how do I get REALLY good at it?

If you're reading this, you've probably been bitten by the cake bug. Your social media feed is likely full of drool-worthy creations as you dream up cake ideas and creations in your head at random times of the day. You love to bake and your friends agree you're talented at this "cake thing", but now you're wondering, "How do I actually make the jump to getting my cake art polished and professional enough to be featured in magazines and blogs?" Maybe you're trying to figure out how to make actual "cha-ching" on cakes and become a respected business in your sphere.. or simply grow your social media platform so your cake creations get the attention they deserve. The road to cake success isn't always smooth sailing and linear, which is why you've probably realised by now the need for training and support in cake techniques, troubleshooting, social media marketing and solo-entrepreneur skills. If you've been pulling your hair out in these areas, then the Cake Insider Academy is where you need to be. Your sweet adventure awaits.
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Meet one of our Members, Jessica Ann..

“Whether you want a cake business or would like to refine your cake artistry to perfect your hobby... There is something for everyone in this academy, no matter what level you are at."

"For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to turn my hobby of baking cakes into a business. During COVID-19 my husband sent me a link to Amanda’s CIA ad and as soon as I opened it up, I was hooked… It was the sign I was looking for! The Cake Insider Academy is not a download and see you later approach, it’s a nurture and inspire program that I’m so grateful to be a part of! Xx My cake business didn’t exist until the day I logged into the CIA for the first time. Since then, my cake hobby has morphed very quickly into a thriving business. What was life changing for me was understanding my niche, finding my avatar (my ideal client) and refining my direction so I was clear on exactly what I wanted from my business. All the way down to what days I wanted to keep free for my family! Even as a working mum of two and a FIFO wife, this is how easy it is to follow! I am now excited to say I’m able to hand in my notice at my current job and focus 100% on my business! All within 4 months! Thank you for all that you do and the CIA has done for me! I will be forever in your debt, such a life-changing experience for me” - Jessica Ann, from The Botanical Bakery, WA @thebotanicalcakery_

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What's Included in the Cake Insider Academy?

  • All Premium Content

    Full access to all existing Premium Courses, Pictorials, Guides, Recipes and Business Templates on Sugar Sugar Cake School

  • Live Virtual Workshops

    Delve deep into live social media webinars, business trainings and guest demos. Past Replays are also available to new CIA members.

  • Insider FB Community

    Get positive cake & business support within our exclusive community of FB members

  • Guest Appearances

    Learn from the best in the industry with special guest interviews, demos & tutorials


What members have to say about the Cake Insider Academy


by Huda Kooheji

"I have taken a lot of cake courses over the years, paid and free classes; this is one of the best classes ever! Amanda explains everything in so much details; you cannot get a single thing wrong! I am so glad I got this great membership it is WORTH EVERY PENNY!"


Kinda Sayegh

"I am real so happy in this academy , I feel that my cakes are on another level"

"The Cake Insider Academy gave me confidence and a great amount of knowledge to express myself in the cake world"

by Iva Humar @ivahumar

Cake Insider Academy gives you: so many different techniques, details and knowledge in one place. And the CIA cake community is there all the time to support you. It's a great concept and I love it. The best thing about CIA academy is that you can learn about the business side and get some great templates and guidance as well. If I have to describe it in one sentence, the Cake Insider Academy gave me confidence and a great amount of knowledge to express myself in the cake world."

"I signed up for the CIA right when it launched and it was the best decision!"

by Sarah

Not only does it give access to Amanda’s amazing courses and guides, it also opens the opportunity to be part of an incredible community of bakers. Amanda is sharing her valuable knowledge and techniques across so many areas which really transformed my skills and my business. I can only highly recommend the CIA, no matter if you love decorating cakes in your free time or turned it into a career.

Life is so much "batter" :)

by Jessica Ann @thebotanicalcakery_

"My cake business didn’t exist until the day I logged into the CIA for the first time. Since then my cake hobby has morphed very quickly into a thriving business. I am now excited to say I’m able to hand in my notice at my current job and focus 100% on my business! All within 4 MONTHS! Thank you for all that you do and the CIA has done for me! I will be forever in your debt, such a life-changing experience for me”

Who is this for?

The Cake Insider Academy is for sweet treat lovers who want to take their skills to the next level and turn their passion for cake art into something MORE.

  • Beginners: If you make cakes as a hobby and want to refine and grow your skills to become a confident and avid cake artist

  • Intermediate: If you dream of turning your passion for cakes into a career or side hustle

  • Advanced: If you have a part-time or full time cake business and want to uplevel your techniques and achieve greater profitability and growth

It's time to make those cake goals a reality.

Jess White's CIA Experience..

"I decided I wanted to be part of THIS academy because I knew at a glance, with everything it offered"

I have recently decided to take my home cake decorating hobby and turn it into a home based business. I decided I wanted to be part of THIS academy because I knew at a glance with everything it offered.... it was everything I needed to point me in the right direction armed with all the tools I needed to be the decorator I wanted to be. Before starting with Sugar Sugar Cake school I had done countless novelty cakes that were time consuming, kept me for hours on end away from my family and I knew that the returns on these cakes as a business would not be worth my family sacrifices. I needed and wanted to change my caking style to suit my personality and passions... and knew Amanda could get me there!So far this school has taught me so many things I didn't even know I needed to know, it has provided detailed step by step guides to setting up my business, giving order to prioritize these steps, templates, recipes, new skills and so much more. It has so far been an invaluable resource for me and I am always excited to see what is added next! I am almost on my way to officially being "Open for business" trading as (Gallery Cakes ~ The Art of Cake) and have progressed significantly in the past couple of months with my new style, new skills, my work space and all the behind the scenes business requirements. I would absolutely recommend this Cake school to anyone looking to develop new skills and to grow or start up their business. To have someone you trust there for every step, guiding you and supporting you through every new milestone is priceless. Thank you Amanda - Jessica White, Gallery Cakes, SA @gallery__cakes
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access content once I sign up?

    You can access all premium courses & content at and simply click 'Member Login' to enter your login details and all your courses will be available in your Dashboard. Details of all member information including how to join our exclusive FB Members Group will be provided in a Welcome video once you sign up.

  • Am I able to get a refund?

    You are able to cancel your membership anytime, however you are not eligible to receive a refund of past payments as this is a content-based membership. As it is not possible to "return" the content or information that you have received from Sugar Sugar Cake School, this is why we are unable to offer refunds on past payments.

  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    Yes you can. If you decide for whatever reason that you want to end your membership, you can do so under 'Billing' or by emailing [email protected] Please note however, that if you end your membership but decide to rejoin again at a later time, you would have to wait for doors to the CIA to reopen, and that you would also have to enrol at whatever the new (likely higher) price rate the membership is listed at. The benefit of being in a continual membership is that you are able to keep your affordable member's rate for as long as you are a member.

  • Can't I get this information online?

    There is a lot of information out there however the main problem is often information overload. Cake makers often find themselves drowning in the the vast sea of information without a clear learning pathway, which result in huge time wastage and slow growth. The Cake Insider Academy is organised for easy learning and filters out everything irrelevant. We've done the hard work by only including the most vital skills to help you on your journey to becoming a highly skilled contemporary cake decorator in 12 months. Most importantly, a majority of our Premium Courses feature unique modern techniques that are not taught elsewhere, and certainly not to the same degree of detail and specifics.

  • Is this suitable for beginners and hobbyists?

    The Cake Insider Academy is designed with easy-to-follow beginner modules to develop fundamental cake decorating skills, before you move on to other intermediate and advanced modules. It is the perfect space for you to hone and develop your craft, with a vast library of beginner level tutorials. If you ever get stuck, we have a private community (it's a safe space!) where you can join in and ask questions.

  • Is this suitable for business owners?

    Absolutely, baking businesses will benefit from this Academy as we'll be covering key business and social media marketing skills to run a sustainable cake decorating business. It will be action-oriented and less "theory". We include only the most important advice for maximum impact. This coupled will the latest cake decorating techniques will give your cake business a definitive edge in what is a competitive and progressive industry.

  • How is this ongoing Membership different from an individual course?

    Sugar Sugar Cake School was established to empower cake decorators to turn their passion into a thriving career. Our existing base of 15,000 students (online and live classes) have benefited from the individual courses. Based on their feedback, we have now organized this into an ongoing online program to create an optimal learning experience and growth. We also found that no cake decorator ever succeeded by learning one thing overnight, nor by "going it alone". We've seen the power of online community support and continual learning in producing tangible results for cake decorators.

  • I'm semi-experienced, should I join the Insider Academy?

    If you're an emerging cake decorator with experience, we have several modules to help you develop into a true cake decorating pro. We have a specially designed 'Pathway to Learning' to guide you through all levels of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced techniques, regardless of your current level.

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